Saturday 17 August 2013

Intro: Nostalgia Lights The Way.

Hello there, and sincere greetings to anybody reading this far . . 

I hope this first blog finds you well.
A brief introduction:

As a kid, I adored music and movies.

For the last few years, I regard myself as very blessed in that I have been composing music for film and media, - as well as touring as a hired musician for other artists.
Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, I realised that had completely forgotten most of the things I used to love about music.

It’s enough already that we are subjected to a constant diet of negative messages every single day from TV and the internet.
A present where everything seems to be about fear, bias, ownership, greed and control - and many of the people who claim to fight against the system - ARE the system.

Sometime, somewhere on tour, I realised that much of the music around me was about themes I just couldn't really subscribe to anymore, and that's not how it was supposed to feel.

I went to see a show in the summer of 2012, and everything suddenly became much clearer.
It was how I used to feel all over again.
The music just jumped right out.

Music for music's sake.
No pretence.
No superiority or elitism.
No darkness at all - and it was perfect.

Nostalgia lit the way.

There is no music about aggression, violence or killing here.
There is no music about war or hatred here.
There is no social commentary here, and politics do not exist.
Only music.

With very best wishes.
Klaatu barada nikto.


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